Jukesy - A music player powered by youtube and

Jukesy is a web app that uses both the and youtube API's to stream relevant music that you can search by song, artist, and genre. You can even create and save playlists with a free account. Quite a useful music tool for those interested in discovering new music!

The tag cloud.





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 Audiotool is an in browser app, and a great tool for those experimenting with electronic music. It simulates popular electronic instruments and tools directly in your browser. 
Anyone can easily make and edit beats, and check out tracks and templates other artists have made. The app is highly versatile and customizable; you can choose from drum machines, synthesizers, effects and other tools to manipulate your electronic music.




Lately, I've been enjoying some Nas, formerly known as "Nasty Nas." His techniques and flows are very unique to his style of rap.


Open Source Multitouch surfaces with Arduino

As you may know, most touch companies (except for camera-based multi-touch companies) are prefer super-closed business strategy. They never even reveal data sheets or sell samples unless large amount of volume order is guaranteed.
So, here I offer OpenMT: an Open Source MultiTouch development platform. It’s the collection of open source hardwares and softwares for anyone to make his/her own thin and flexible multi-touch panel.
The OpenMT project is at the planning stage. Documentation is not complete yet, but after the first release, you will be able to make a 8×8 multitouch trackpad.



The City Never Sleeps

NYC at Night

 Here is a look into some of the lives of the people that are up when most of the city has called it a night.

Some Italian Tourists looking like hipsters in the streets of NYC.

You know, just browsing the internet in public at 5am


This man's done

Roll Call
Lovers. 5:30am.

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